Community Empowerment

Pillars of Community Economic Expansion Opportunities

In December 2014, Seeds-int provided the Jordan Ministry of Municipalities and Cities and Villages Development Bank (CVDB), a training entitled “Pillars of Community Economic Expansion Opportunities”.

The training focused on strengthening the capacity of the municipal staff in project management, fundraising and social inclusion. In brief it assisted the staff in the entire cycle of project management from planning through implementation to monitoring evaluation and by making optimal use of the existing and potential resources of a region with the help and support of the community.

Participants were provided with strategies, tools and approaches that will contribute to the sustainability of their projects and to the improvement of the conditions of the local communities by ensuring employment and economic growth.

The training‘s objectives were:

  • Develop the capacities of municipalities/stakeholders in Project Cycle Management (PCM) and fundraising.
  • Develop a methodology for the design/development of projects based on the needs and priorities of the communities.
  • Promote social inclusion and participation in decision making.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for strengthening local economy.
  • Develop approaches for strategic local planning
  • Promote Public Private Partnership

The training is designed, trained and implemented by Seeds-int with the technical and logistical support of the team.

The agenda was full of interesting initiatives and concepts, coupled with learning by doing case study exercises. This didn’t prevent the trainees from experiencing the tourism in Lebanon throughout five working days.

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