Zero Waste Coalition

Zerowaste Campaign:

Seeds- int has been active among the steering committee of the Zerowaste coalition. The main objective of the Coalition is to ban the use of the incinerators as a solution for the solid waste problem in Lebanon.  The Coalition continued lobbying by meeting ministers from the Lebanese government to discuss with them the importance of having a Solid Waste Management Law, and mainly to explain the refusal and the opposition to the government strategy for the management of the solid waste by introducing the incinerators. The meetings with the ministers have been helpful in providing technical references to the forbidding of the use of incinerators as a solution for the solid waste problem. Among the ministers and political figures that were met with were the Ministers: Hussen el Haj Hassan, mohammad Machnouk, Nouhad Machnouk and Akram Chehayeb. Deputies and Political parties were also mobilized such as General Michel Aoun, etc.  


A Press Conference was held by the organizations members of the Zero Waste Coalition to present to the public the hazardous effect of incinerators as a solution to the solid waste management strategy endorsed by the Lebanese council of ministers.

In Addition the Zero Waste coalition has been awarded a special fund from the Small Grants Program of the UNDP and it is managed by the steering committee. The project is expected to empower municipalities and its member NGOs in advocating for an integrated and sustainable management law for Solid Waste away from the use of incineration.

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